Crews: Anderson Should Have Warned of Pension Problems

Who held the responsibility to inform SRHS employees and retirees of the lack of pension funding?  According to Mike Crews, that responsibility fell to then CEO Chris Anderson.

Crews testified under oath that he felt he didn’t have a responsibility to inform employees about pension underfunding. He felt that since his job never involved communications with employees, that this would have been inappropriate.  Instead, he felt that Chris Anderson should have taken on the responsibility of informing retirees and the public. Continue reading

SRHS Dismisses Suit Against KPMG

Singing River dismissed their suit against KPMG on Wednesday.  This came only three hours after Judge Henry Wingate dismissed Singing River’s request for a seventh extension.  The case has been languishing with self-inflicted delay since it was first filed in January.

As we previously reported, Singing River’s suit against KPMG was going nowhere fast.

PDF copies of the filings are forthcoming.