SRHS Should Release Salaries

Always do everything you ask of those you command.

– Gen. George S. Patton


Singing River should return to the old tradition of publishing the CEO’s salary. We know that in 1996 CEO Robert Lingle received a $56,000 raise which brought his annual salary to $209,400.

He also had a golden parachute built in to his five year contract, but the details of that were never disclosed.

A few years ago Singing River eliminated overtime and reduced clinical employee hours to a maximum of 36 hours a week. For a nurse who was previously working 40 hour weeks, this equalled a 10% reduction in pay. After an employee outcry, executives announced that they too would share the burden by taking only a 2% pay cut.

Executive salaries can be far above the cost of living for the area. As a show of good faith, hospital leadership should at a minimum disclose their salaries. They could go one step further and agree to take a 12% cut and to forgo any future raises – exactly what they are asking of the retirees.

Whitmore: Former SRHS Trustee

In doing some initial research, it turns out District 3 candidate Mike Whitmore served on the Singing River Board of Trustees during the late 90s. This was somewhat of a surprise as he doesn’t reference his time on the board in his experience and qualifications.

This is not a comment positive or negative, just a question that needs to be raised. There is limited time to thoroughly research the candidates in the run offs. Any information you would like to share on any candidate would be appreciated.

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Reviewing Troy Ross’ Conflict Statements

As previously reported, Troy Ross only filed his Statements of Economic Interest for the years 2011-2013 on July 23. They have since been published. Those who were hoping for light to be shed on any potential conflicts Mr. Ross may have will be sorely disappointed. The documents are severely deficient at best and gross misrepresentations at worst. We review below:


  • Ross lists his wife’s occupation as an educator, but fails to list any income.
  • Ross doesn’t show any income from Chevron during this period. This is in direct conflict with his campaign literature which highlights his tenure at the refinery from 2008-2011.
  • He lists no stock holdings in Chevron greater than $5,000.

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Publish the Pension Audit

Singing River pledged to publish all pension plan audits and make them available on their retirement webpage. The page notes that the audits for FY 2013 & 2014 are being finalized and will be posted upon completion.

Recent court filings revealed that SRHS received the audit in March 2015. Five months have passed and the audit has yet to be published.

Further, Singing River has submitted to the court evidence of the plan’s stability under seal. Why something as simple as a statement of assets should be accepted under seal is a curiosity. These are numbers that should generally be provided to plan members at regular intervals.


Could it be that the pension plan and Singing River itself are not in such peril as they claim?



You Won the Battle

You have read, researched, educated yourself and made your voice heard. Congratulations. You have proven that defeat is what faces those who seek to betray the public trust.

Tonight’s victory should be savored, but only ever so shortly.

There lies ahead much work. Three weeks until run off elections. Weeks of depositions and legal wrangling. Five more months with the current Board of Supervisors.

You have made the decision to clean out the old barn, ridding it of the infestation of rats, snakes, and piles of used oats. It is an unsavory business to work in the muck so regularly.

Be relentless in your conviction and in your determination to hold up the light to the wrongs in the county and watch the roaches scatter.

At this milepost on our march to victory, Samson comes to mind.

Samson was tied up and delivered to an army of Philistines, who were set to kill him. He broke free from the ropes and fashioned a weapon from the jaw bone of a donkey. Imbued with the power of God he defeated “heaps upon heaps” of Philistines.

Moral of the story?

The jaw of an ass will ultimately betray philistine ways.



Let Them Hear Your Voice

The Board of Supervisors removed public comments from today’s agenda. The day before elections and they were unwilling to hear from their constituents. Fortunately, you do have a chance to send the most effective message tomorrow: voting.

Browse the articles on this site, on Slabbed, SRHS Hopes, and the Sun Herald.  Inform yourself as to the issues and enter the voting booth informed and enlightened. The Mississippi Press Pravda is not recommended as a reliable news source, given an undisclosed conflict of interest between their lead reporter and Board Attorney Paula Yancey.