MS Press JCBOS Exclusive: Useless but Important Information, JCBOS Spends $345k on Guice et al.

Instead of expending time and energy dissecting Billy Guice’s press release in The Mississippi Pravda, we refer you to our native sons Messrs. James Buffett & LC “Mac” McAnally. This blog, Slabbed, The Sun Herald, WLOX, and WXXV-TV have already reported on much of what was in the release.

What is becoming clear is that Billy Guice was not hired to find a solution, but rather to build a shield around the Jackson County Board of Supervisors. What are the taxpayers of Jackson County getting for their $345,000+ that is being spent on Mr. Guice?  Why does Mr. Guice make public statements on behalf of the Board of Supervisors to insinuate that the retirees aren’t getting a good enough deal, yet make private statements to SRHS that the county will provide no assistance? Continue reading

A Tale From a Sleepy Town

Imagine you have worked for 30 years, just paid off the mortgage, and are ready to retire and enjoy the life you’ve built in that sleepy little town of Pascagoula. Not long after you settle into your golden years, a new family moves in next door along with their teenage son.  One day you come home to find their son smashing the front windows of your home. The windows are beyond repair and will need to be replaced at some expense.

You knock on the neighbor’s door to speak with the parents. They assure you that they will do everything in their power to make the situation right. A few weeks later, neither the boy, nor his parents, have made any progress at repairing the windows. You go back to their door again, only to be met with the same answers. The parents tell you that they have now hired an attorney who will be looking into what can be done to repair the windows. The attorney speaks with you and tells you he’ll do everything to find the culprits and a solution to your window problem.

Unsatisfied with the lack of progress you walk next door to have a word every Monday. After a few months of this, the parents tell you they are tired of listening to you, will only let you talk for three minutes, and won’t answer any of your questions, on the advice of the attorney they hired. Continue reading

Are Supervisors Already Breaking Ranks?

Monday the Board of Supervisors stated that “We will be making no other comments today to any news outlet or any other media pending the release of the story in the Mississippi Press.”

Troy Ross will be on WXXV-TV’s newscast tomorrow with his view of the Singing River pension problems.  Might this also mean that The Mississippi Press will be publishing the story as told by the Board of Supervisors?

Supervisors Can Gain Immediate Control, If They Want It



Editor’s Note: Last week SRHS Watch broke down several pieces of fiction being propogated by the Board of Supervisors. This Monday brings us yet more fiction. Not wanting to be questioned on the contrivances, the BoS will be telling their story to only one media outlet, one they hope will serve as a mouthpiece: The Mississippi Press. (The above image is the masthead for the former Soviet propaganda newspaper Pravda, or “Truth”.)

The latest statement from the BoS is wide ranging and full of topics which require distillation and rebuttal. This week has already seen that from Sen. Brice Wiggins and SRHS trustee Scott Taylor. Over the coming days we will go point-by-point through the statment, today we address it generally.

The Board of Supervisors’ chorus is getting tiresome: “We have no control, we have no control, we have no control.”

There are at least three distinct areas where the Board of Supervisors exercises control over Singing River. Continue reading

Return from Hiatus

SRHS Watch will return to regular posting after attending to duties in our nation’s capital.

The Board of Supervisors continues to build a fiction around the relationship with the Singing River Board of Trustees and also as to any possible resolution. SRHS Watch will again be dismantling this fiction.


Unraveling the Fiction: Taxes Can Support Pension Plan

During Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, John McKay gave this response to a retiree:

“We cannot pass a tax increase to support the pension plan. We can pass one to help the hospital in some ways, but we can’t raise taxes to support” a private plan.

We’ve already unraveled McKay’s fiction that the Singing River pension is a “private plan.” Let’s examine his next fiction, that taxes can’t be raised to support the pension. McKay did admit that “taxes can be raised to help the hospital in some ways.”  Which are those ways? Continue reading

Another Dogan & Wilkinson Partner Exits

Joanne Anderson, reporting on Gautier’s city council meeing, had this nugget  in The Mississippi Press:

City Attorney Josh Danos who has left the firm of Dogan and Wilkinson to form a new partnership with former Chancellor Chuck Bordis was chosen to retain his position with the city following a mayor and council decision to terminate its contract with Dogan and Wilkinson.

“This in no way negatively reflects on the Dogan and Wilkinson firm,” said Mayor Gordon Gollott.

Ward 3 Councilman Casey Vaughan agreed, “Dogan and Wilkinson is a great firm and they will continue to represent us in other matters.”

Gautier creates Waterfront Development Advisory Committee” Joanne Anderson, The Mississippi Press, June 16, 2015


Private or Public? Building a Fiction

In yesterday’s Sun Herald, Karen Nelson quoted John McKay:

 “We cannot pass a tax increase to support the pension plan. We can pass one to help the hospital in some ways, but we can’t raise taxes to support” a private plan.

A “private” plan? Is that how he really described it?  A few hours later McKay confirmed and posted to the article:

He states it again and reiterates it in the same sentence. Singing River Health System is organized under Mississippi’s community hospital statutes and is owned completely by Jackson County. Over and over SRHS has asserted in court that it was not subject to ERISA regulations due to the pension plan being a governmental plan. Continue reading